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About Us

Who We Are:

Hey Worthy Girl is an organization for girls, 2 years to 14 years of age. We equip girls' with necessary life and personal skills by cultivating their: Self-Esteem, Self-Image And Self Worth. Hey Worthy Girl is comprised of and organized by four primary age groups, which are: Little Worthy Girl (2-5), Jr. Worthy Girl (6-9), Worthy Girl (10-12) and Worthy Girl Teen (13-14). Each group is catered to age appropriate events, lessons, outings and more! 

What We Do:

We connect with girls by offering them the opportunity to not only connect and build relationships with other girls, but also by offering opportunities that allow them to grow in self-confidence and self-awareness.

How We Do It:

• Meetings & Group


• Annual Retreats

•Volunteer work

• Events Catered Towards Building Social & Personal Skills.      

• Community and Sponsored Activities/Events.

• Private and Public Speaking Engagements. 

•Online Community Support

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Your Support Is Appreciated!

A young girls chance for success is increased when she has a strong support system!  The support given to her through volunteers and sponsors, creates a great impact in and on her life and makes a significant difference in her future!

Your support through volunteerism, and sponsorship is greatly and especially appreciated!  

To volunteer please submit a Volunteer Interest Form- and someone will reach out to you within 48 hours.

To become a sponsor, please contact us at (810) 834-1492, for service or product donations or make your monetary contribution with the link attached.

Thank You!

-Hey Worthy Girl

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How is Hey Worthy Girl a benefit to young girls?

Hey Worthy Girl is a benefit to young girls because girls are offered a safe outlet to express their thoughts and experiences through a platform that offers them positive guidance and mentorship, while still having fun! 

How is Hey Worthy Girl a benefit to the community?

Hey Worthy Girl is a benefit to the community not only because of the exposure that is given to girls of all walks of life, but equally because of the investments deposited into these girls which creates a return of well-rounded, responsible and respectable leaders!

What can parents/guardians expect from Hey Worthy Girl?

Parents and guardians can expect Hey Worthy Girl to counteract issues that young girls face, by offering girls the tools, encouragement and experiences necessary to make healthy and productive life choices. 

How do you connect with girls?

Hey Worthy Girl connects with young girls by meeting girls where they are and creating an environment in which girls are comfortable enough to express their concerns, experiences, hopes and goals. Our focus is to help girls from all backgrounds to connect with their own power in order to flourish in all aspects of life. 

How are your volunteers selected?

Our volunteers are selected by common goals, attitudes and beliefs between Hey Worthy Girl and our volunteers.  Every volunteer is cleared through the State of Michigan (every six months) to work with children.