About Us:

Who We Are:

Worthy Girl Is An Organization For Youth Girls, Whose Focus Is To Equip Girls'  With The Necessary Life And Personal Skills They Will Need, To Lead Healthy And Productive Lives. We Encourage Girls To Cultivate A Healthy: Self-Image, Awareness Of Self And Self Worth.

What We Do:

Worthy Girl Connects With Girls Ages 8 To 14 Years Of Age, To Help Build: Character, Confidence, Self-Esteem, Faith And Identity!

How We Do It:

• Weekly Meetings.

• Annual Retreats.

• Events Catered Towards Building Social & Personal Skills.      

• Community And Sponsored Activities/Events.

• Private And Public Speaking Engagements/Events. 

•Online Community Support.


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The chances of success for young girls is increased when community is backing and supporting them! Volunteer and Sponsor opportunities are available by contacting, (810) 834-1492. To offer monetary support, please click the attached link.  We appreciate you and your kindness and support of Worthy Girl- "Thank You!".

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What inspired Worthy Girl?

What originally inspired Worthy Girl was the need we seen for young girls to be affirmed of their self-worth in order to make healthy life decisions. What ultimately inspired Worthy Girl was the negative impact that lack of self-worth creates and as a result, the number of suicide attempts that young girls are experiencing because of this lack of self-worth.

Why only girls?

Worthy Girl has chosen to work with only girls since we as women can better relate to and effectively guide young girls, due to our own experiences of being a young girl, we are able to better empower girls!

How is Worthy Girl a benefit to young girls?

Worthy Girl is a benefit to young girls because girls are offered a safe outlet to express their thoughts and experiences through a platform that offers them positive guidance and mentorship, while still having fun! 

How do you connect with girls?

Worthy Girl connects with young girls by meeting girls where they are and creating an environment in which girls are comfortable enough to express their concerns, experiences, hopes and goals. Our focus is to help girls from all backgrounds to connect with their own power in order to flourish in all aspects of life. 

What can parents/guardians expect from Worthy Girl?

Parents/guardians can expect Worthy Girl to counteract issues that young girls face, by offering girls the tools, encouragement and experiences necessary to make healthy and productive life choices. 

How are your volunteers selected?

Our volunteers are selected by common goals, attitudes and beliefs between Worthy Girl and our volunteers.  Every volunteer is cleared through the State of Michigan to work with children.